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26 September 2011

49 days...

Sexy...kind of?
So yesterday, I was gently reminded/scolded by a friend for not having given an update on here in some time.  So here it is, I had my 6th of 6 doctors appointments last week and it is official.  My surgery is set for November 14th.  That doesn't mean I am completely in the clear though, I still have to await the insurance approval, which we know how insurance companies are.

All of this has erupted into a number of emotions I am not sure I have the ability to classify properly.  I am excited and so ready for a change, but still very much freaked out at the prospect of this all.  (No worries, not freaked out enough to change my mind, but freaked out nonetheless.)  I told someone the other day, I am not scared of the anesthesia, or getting cut open (had 2 c-sections, been there, done that), I am the most freaked out about extra skin.  It sounds vain, but dammit I would prefer to only have one stomach, arms with no wings and knee caps that don't appear to be able to hold a conversation without my help when all of this is done.  That means one thing, I need to get back in the gym full force now, no more half assed walks, etc.  If I can do that, then hopefully this whole process will be that much better.

I have 49 days, I should probably get on that, eh?
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