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31 January 2006

I am technologically challenged!

So apparently I didn't have my moderation feature on for my comments, so Miss A. this is for you, thanks for the comment, I couldn't respond to you because I am special! But I think I figured out now that I turned on my moderation feature I should be able to respond to you, once you add a new comment. Sorry!

Since I am on here. I may as well give a few shouts out!

The Skinny B!tch - We all know who you are. Watch how many exercises you do though, I am with my husband you just might disappear.

Neq - Keep hitting them stairs, dawg!

Ms. Mason - Back away from the potato chips or you will be paying for my trip to the Dells! :) I plan on winning this family weight loss challenge! And don't tell me that this mess is cancelled this time either!

That's it, now y'all get back to work, shouldn't y'all be doing something productive?
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I must be on crack!

Because that is the only way I can explain what I am about to do. In order for me to see in the end, what the true results of my labor are, I need to document where I am at the beginning of this struggle. Unfortunately, I didn't do this in the very beginning about 6 weeks ago when I started, but lets just put it this way, I was bigger! :) When I started I weighed in at 245, which is more than I ever weighed in my ninth month of pregnancy with either of my girls. How f$#*ing ridiculous! However as of today here are the statistics:

Now that my heart has just jumped up my throat and on to my keyboard let me explain my thought here. If I post this for all the world to see, I will force myself to stick to my plan. I hate failing at stuff, especially when there are other people who are watching me fail. So in an effort to prevent any embarrassment, I have resolved in myself that I WILL NOT FAIL! No ifs, ands or butts (and no I didn't spell that wrong) about it!
Like I said my first goal is to get below 200 lbs., which at this point is still 30 lbs. away, which is sadly about the same amount that my almost 2 year old weighs. So my first battle will be to lose one small person. By the end of my journey I would like to get to around 150 - 160 lbs. For my height they say, whoever the he!! they are, that I am supposed to be around 115 to 135 lbs. However, I think that is for the little skinny chicks that are scared to look at a piece of bread. In the words of Mo'Nique, "Skinny b!tches are evil!" I like food! I like to chew! But I am slowly learning the right things to chew and the right ways to cook the food I like. I refuse to do this by using some kind of fad diet that will make me gain all the weight back in a month after losing it. I am trying to change my lifestyle and eat better so that I don't die, before my kids get married, which is definitely realistic, considering when I started my body fat level was 44.3% which is considered extremely obese. Not to mention my family history of heart disease, cancer and everything else. I would like to get my body fat level to around 20% when I am through.
My Workout:
So I do have a trainer and we have slowly increased my work out. Right now this is what I am doing at least 4 times a week.

In addition to my workout I am keeping myself, most of the time anyway, on a 2000-calorie daily diet. Making sure to incorporate all of the food groups into my daily food choices. They, here they go again, say that you should have a daily goal of at least 6 ounces of grains, 2 1/2 cups of vegetables, 2 cups of fruits, 3 cups of dairy, and 5 1/2 ounces of protein (meats and beans). I have found it best to stick to my plan when I am putting it on paper. Writing down and tracking what I am eating so that I can see it all in black and white. Kind of like I am doing with this blog.

So yesterday I did go to the gym, it was ridiculously crowded. It has been like this since the beginning of the year, when everyone made their new years resolutions. My gym has a kids room, usually when I go, my girls are the only two kids in the kids room. Last night there were 10 kids total in the room. They had to have 2 people in there, it was nuts. When I got out of the locker room there were no elliptical machines. Annoying! I kind of wish that everyone that is going to fall off the band wagon would just hurry up and do it now, because it is kind of getting ridiculous. Anyway I did my full workout, with the exception of my fitness ball stuff, because I have one at home and something just isn't right about sticking a big ball between your legs and lifting them in the air in public, even if it is a gym. I will do that in the privacy of my own home thanks!

I plan to make it to the gym today, hopefully that happens. I always get there feeling like I should just turn around and go home, but I always feel better afterwards, so I just have to keep remembering that. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I will hopefully be fabulous in no time! :)

Also, add your comments, let me know what you think of the blog. I need all the motivation I can get. Thanks! ~L

Best Weight Loss Quote:
Justine (Run, from Run DMC's, wife) in "Episode 105: Justine Diets and Angela Interns" of Run's House on MTV said, "Baby I just need to do something, I think my mouth is just tired of chewing."

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    30 January 2006

    And so the journey begins...

    So you know how people make new years resolutions just to break them. Every year it is, I am going to get a new job, I am going to invest in something, I am going to lose that last baby weight, blah blah blah! Well I have decided that the only new years resolution that I will have this year is to not make any stupid new years resolutions. Instead, I have decided to make a lifestyle resolution. To eat and live healthier for myself and my family. This is the beginning, well kind of, see I started back to getting in the groove of exercising and trying to eat right over the past few weeks. So far, so good. I am down about 14 lbs, but I have a long way to go.

    I will start from the beginning I am a 27 year old wife and mom. When I had my first daughter, Jordan, I was so horrified that I had gotten up to a size 16/18. When I had my second daughter, Kennedy, I was pretty much the same size, I only gained about 15 lbs through the whole nine months. However, life as a busy full time working mom, kept me busy and before I knew it I was squeezing into the those size 20/22s. The final straw came the day that the freaking maternity pants that I was still wearing were fitting too tight! That's a sad day for curvy girls everywhere. I decided this was some bull$hit and I was not going to have it. Mind you my husband has always been supportive, and says he is happy with me the way I am, but when I am unhappy to look at myself in the mirror and take a picture with my kids we have a problem.

    I want to be able to go shop in a store that doesn't only carry clothes for sizes 14 and up, and I ain't talking about Mold Navy! I like to shop and I am tired of always buying accessories and shoes (don't get me wrong I loves my shoes) when I go shopping with my friends. I want to not be the chunky girl in the pictures all the time, like in the picture below. That's me and my girls in South Beach in October, you guessed it I am the chunky one on the end!

    South Beach wasn't ready for the girls!

    Anywho this is a new day! I am determined. My girls and I are planning our next annual trip for Caribana in Toronto this August and I am determined to be well on my way to the fabulous new me. I have been hitting the gym now at least 4 times a week. I have discovered these new things that aren't so bad to eat after all, called fruits and vegetables and I have my inspiration, the She-Bee herself, Ms. Laila Ali! Don't get me wrong, I have no thoughts in my mind that I will end up looking like the TKO kid, but I will have that motivation and determination so help me GOD! Pray for me y'all! I plan on using this blog to journal how things are going and to b!tch about the stuff that isn't working right.

    FIRST GOAL: Get under 200 lbs! Ready or freaking not, here I come!

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