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24 August 2006

How did I get here?

Have you ever gotten up one morning and just thought to yourself...Who am I and how did I become this? I suppose I have been thinking about that a lot lately since I am coming up on my 10 year high school reunion. Somehow I got suckered into being on the reunion committee, long story, let's just say when you are best friends/sisters with the person that was the student body president you aren't given much of a choice. Anywho when I graduated from high school I was an honor roll student who smoked on the regular, both stanking packs of Newports and my earthly medicinal necessity, lol. I was heavily into my music, both singing and playing and thought that no matter what that would be my life forever and always. I dated a thugged out drug dealer who I just knew I was in love with. That summer I discovered that a girl who had been one of my best friends since the 6th grade decided to go sleep with my boyfriend. Why thanks that's a great way to celebrate your friendship.

When I got to college I just didn't know what to do with myself. I had freedom, I could come and go as I pleased, I could smoke and drink without having to worry about parents, and what the heck was a curfew? Plus after being scorned in love, I was the most heartless female there was. I kept the thugged out drug dealer boyfriend around even after the drama, if for nothing else, but the fact that I was stupid, oh and the free weed helped. The thing about it is now I had the attitude that well look two can play that game. If you can screw around so can I. I remember talking to so many guys at once I got tired. Trying to remember who I told what to, who I went to what restaurant or movie with. That ish got tiring. And the second a guy tried to get sentimental and use the "L"-word, he was out the door. I didn't have time for that. I used to put the "P" in pimpin'! Not sure how the heck I got away with all I did, the boyfriend was so freakin' possessive it wasn't even funny and the relationship was ridiculous and abusive from both sides. But in the end he got payback. I finally came to my senses when he got arrested and had the nerve to tell me that when he was arrested he was laying up in some other chick's bed. WTF? Do you realize who you are talking to? I suppose the down side of my relationships was that, I was always the cool girl friend. I hung out with my man and all his friends. I played spades and pool with them, watched basketball and football with them and talked shit just as much if not more than any of them. So when he talked to me, or any of the rest of the guys I was talking to did, it was like they were talking to one of their guy friends. This negro slipped up, though. He called talking about go get some of my money from my sister and take care of this or that for me. Puh-lease yo' ass is in jail. I went and got that money from his sister, I drank it up though, or bought new shoes with it, I don't remember. He must have lost his fool ass mind.

*harp music plays*

Now skip ahead 10 years later. I am married with two kids, I said I was never having kids. Been with my husband for 9 years, married for 5. I haven't really done much with my music over the past few years with the exception of a wedding here or there, or a karaoke night every once in a while. I am happy, but I feel like I too often put myself on the back burner and have done so too often over the past few years. I am always too busy to do for me, there's always soccer for J or ballet, or a football game for the husband. I had to start making myself do the girls trips every year just to get one weekend for me! And the weight loss thing is the first thing I am really trying to stick too. Which it depends on the day sometimes how well that goes. But other than going to the gym and MySpace (which completely doesn't count) I don't really have anything I do for me on the regular. I don't blame anyone but myself for this. My husband and kids rely on me, because I am mom and because this is what I have conditioned them to do over the years. I just wonder sometimes when at all in my past did I think this would be my life.

All of this being said, I have decided recently that I am really going to try to start doing my music again. I have still been writing some over the years. Although I am usually not so comfortable in sharing. I did share one thing I wrote on my MySpace blog sometime back though, you can check it out here if you want. I have been trying to make new connections here and there and I really think I want to start getting serious again. I miss my music. That was the one thing that kept me sane. And in the madness that is my life sometimes I feel like I need that again. I need my sanity back. So you know what I am going to do....

I'm gonna catch the groove, I hear it calling my name!


ps - If you haven't checked it out lately check out the group weight loss blog, I did an update on there on Monday and another one just today!
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21 August 2006

No rest for the weary!!!

So I knew it was coming and I tried to pretend like it wouldn’t. The phone call from my girl, saying that I was bogus for not having updated my blog in over a week. I know, I know. But damn ya girl went on vacay and came back and they were trying to work me like a dog. I am still recovering at least in the office from being off, but I couldn’t neglect my peoples any longer. So what’s been up with me? Hmmm let’s see…

The weight loss thing…
Well I haven’t updated a lot on this on this blog since we have the other blog, but I hit a bit of a plateau for a while, but things are looking up. I agreed to/got suckered into coordinating the Weight Watchers at Work program for my building. We just had our first meeting last week and hopefully I can use that to help keep me in line and on track. We shall see.

As well as WW I joined our fitness center here in the office and have gotten over my phobia of working out at work. My trainer left my normal gym so I think I will use this gym to take advantage of the trainers that they have, plus they offer a variety of classes, which my regular gym does not have. We shall see how this goes.

Milwaukee Venom in the IFL playoffs!
So I haven’t updated on the husband’s football team much lately. They had their last regular season game this past Friday against the Burlington Blue Devils. At 2 minutes left in the 4th they were up 14-7. Somehow the Blue Devils managed to score, even though they hadn’t since the first half, and run a 2-point conversion leaving the Venom with only about 30 seconds to attempt unsuccessfully to score. So the team ended the season with a record of 6-3. Regardless of Saturday’s loss the Venom move onto the playoffs with their first post-season game to be played on September 2nd. I will try to update on that game after it happens.

Craig McNeil’s Milwaukee Talent Showcase
So I started out my weekend thinking, oh it won’t be too bad; I will try to get some rest in. Well, not so much. Friday evening came and the husband and I were stepping out to a Milwaukee Talent Showcase at 311 Restaurant. A friend of ours has recently started his own record label, Partyhouse Entertainment, and two of his artists were slated to perform at the show. The show was pretty good, they had a decent mix of rap/hip hop, r&b, neo-soul and even a comedian on tap to host the show and keep everyone laughing. (Especially when he fell and busted his ass on his way back to the table after introducing one of the groups.) I ran into a handful of old friends at the show, including a friend I used to sing with back in high school. She was playing drums and singing back up for this neo-soul/funk artist, Iberia. Iberia put on a good show I hadn’t seen her perform before, my husband who doesn’t like anything other than straight up rap was even bobbing his head, even though he didn’t think I saw him. We had a good time though. We finally made it home late as I don’t know what and just passed out into the bed!

Miami Vice
So the husband and I went to go see Miami Vice yesterday afternoon. We had both been just waiting to see it and finally had a chance. And honestly the jury is still out for a verdict on this one. While as is the case with most women, I could look at Collin Farrell and Jamie Foxx any day, all day, I expected must more from this film. Yes it had action and suspenseful points. But Tubbs did not have a jheri curl and Sonny well we never did find out whether or not he was wearing socks. Seriously, though the case was good, they filmed in some pretty great locations, but I guess I just wanted more. On top of it the shots in this film were a little crazy. At one point in the movie I told Chris I felt dizzy. If I decide later how I truly feel about this movie I will let you know.

Aiight kiddies that’s enough for today, I must go do some work. I am extra tired today I am not sure why. I need to get some work done so that I can get myself out of here on time to make it to the gym. Until next time, you know what to do…

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09 August 2006

I done jumped up and can't jump no more!

What's good fam? Ya girl is back and oh what a time she had! This weekend was incredible, we did the damn thang and I am still recovering from the weekend. So I wasn't too bad (T.Cas), but what fun would the trip be if I didn't have some tales I had to keep to myself, right. I am married not dead. lol Anywho, Friday morning I got up to head to the airport and got on my way to T.O., made it there a little after 10am their time and met up with my friend, Terri, in customs. Now T flew in from MKE on a different flight because of technical difficulties, shall we say. Anywho she and I had a good hour before our other 2 counterparts made it in from Charlotte, so we made a home at the little Cafe/Bar to kill some time, taking in the sites of the people in the airport. Once it got closer to time for their flight to arrive we made our way to the area where people meet folks coming through customs. They have a board above the area that lists arriving flights, it changes back and forth between French and English. I used this time to have my own personal French lesson as I speak none. Now 'Arrived' was pretty easy 'Arrive', 'On Time' was a little harder 'L'Huevre' (I think I am spelling that right!), but I 'bout lost it when we looked and saw that the flight info for Charlotte had been updated to 'Delayed' which was 'En Retard'. Damn they must know my friends pretty good. Either that or the know that everyone in Charlotte is retarded! hahahaha! Sorry that was hilarious to me at the time. Possibly since I had been up since about 3:30 am!

Anywho their plane had finally 'arrive' and I got a text message from them that they were coming through customs and we are waiting and waiting, when I get another text message that USAirways had lost one of my friend's bags. Now the last time we came to town they didn't want to let her in the country all because the lady at USAirways didn't think her birth certificate was an authentic certificate. Now this! Needless to say she has now vowed to never return to Canada, I am hoping over time I might be able to twist her arm.

We got a car went to the hotel, dropped off bags and hit the streets. We headed over to the Eaton Centre to get in a little shopping, between the 3-level H&M and the 6 or 7 Aldo shoe stores in that place a girl was just in heaven! After the mall, we went to a restaurant there and grabbed a little something to eat. While chillin' in the restaurant a group of guys walks. We all start talking and joking back and forth when this cat says they are from Milwaukee! WTF!!!! How the heezy do I go to another country and still run into cats from the Brew? Anyway we finished getting our grub on and made the all so important stop to LCBO (the liquor store) and stocked up for a weekend of fun.

We made it back to the hotel, Lisa and I headed up to the roof top to have our drinks in the sun, while the old folks took a nap. Went back to the room got situated and headed to Inside Lounge (club owned by Vince Carter). We had a good time the floor is 4 levels. They were having a party hosted by Baba Kahn (dj/promoter up in T.O.) . Who do we run into at the club, but at least half of the Milwaukee boys. Next floor! Naw kidding they were cool, and at least some of them cats looked a little too familiar. We made our way up to the roof top patio and got our groove on. We had a little drama, but nothing that was going to ruin my night. We closed down the place at about 4 or 5 and headed back to the hotel.
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Me and the ladies in the hotel lobby

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On the rooftop at Inside Lounge

Enter day 2: Saturday
We got up Saturday morning, headed down to the hotel restaurant to get our free breakfast. Went back to the rooms and got ready for a day at the parade. We made our way over to the CNE and took in about 4 hours of the parade in the hot, hot sun! We all left about 10 shades darker and/or sunburned, but we had too much fun there too! The mas bands were great, and some of them big girls made me feel damn good about myself! hahaha! Someone needs to put out some rules before next year though. First, it is not necessary for your hair to match your mas band costume! Had I seen one more child up in that piece with a lime green weave up in her hair, I would have had to scream. Second, we know you are going to be walking all day and don't want your feet to hurt, but do you really have to wear your lawn mowing tennis shoes to play mas? You couldn't have gotten some cute coordinated Pumas and worked that out? I'm just saying! Third, if you are wearing a costume with boy cut shorts, do not, I repeat, do not wear your own black boy cut drawls under them so everyone can see them. That's tacky! Finally, when wearing your mas costume, do not ever, ever, ever, ever wear reinforced control top panty hose! That's just wrong. Here are a few pics from the parade. In the silver, the guy dancing up on the girl...John Singleton. I wish we had a better pic, but you have to take my word for it that's him. He was looking a little spooky dancing up on all the girls.
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That night we headed to Afterlife, for another party hosted by Baba Kahn. The music was straight, not quite as live as the night, before and it was hot as hell in that place. We had to make our way up to the roof top. Had a few laughs over this spastic girl on the dance floor who just knew she was doing the damn thing. We ended that night about 3-3:30am, headed back to the hotel and Lisa and I left and headed to do the traditional trek down to Yonge and Dundas Square to laugh at the sites. This is the spot where everyone goes with their whips, and just roll up and down the street. The young girls in very little clothes are always hilarious, because they are always trying so hard to look cute, when half of the guys appear to care less. So after a chuckle or two out there it was time to call it a night. We headed back to the hotel and got some shut eye.

Enter day 3: Sunday
Sunday we got up did the b-fast and got ready to hit the ferry to head out to Centre island, one of the Toronto Islands. Every year at Centre Island there is a big Arts and Cultural Festival with great food and music. We had a great time spending the day out there. The music was great, especially since this year they had a Cuban Salsa band, Cafe Cubano. I need to find out if they have any cd's or a website. They were great, I got a workout getting my salsa on in the grass and waving my flag.
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Even the old white people got their jump up on!

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A shot of T.O. from Centre Island

After we made it back from the island, more tan and sunburned than before, we headed to the hotel to go back up to the rooftop jacuzzi for a bit and continue our libations. Stayed up there until it got dark and was time to get ready to head to the Nelly party at The Docks. We were looking fierce and ready to hit the club. We got there, no one was on the dance floor, but since when has that stopped us. We got out there and soon it was nice and packed on the dance floor. We moved around took in the sites and got our groove on while we watched the faces of the young bucks in the club as the dj started taking it back to the old school playing Kool and the Gang, New Edition, and many more! We went and rested our feet on the patio for a bit, and made our way back in. Jammed a bit more. Now 2 of the chicks we were with decided to head back to the patio to get a bite to eat. How about as soon as they did Nelly took the stage. Me and one friend were getting our groove on trying to keep an eye on the door for them as we drooled over that boy! lol How about those were the two with the daggone cameras too? And how about them heiffas didn't make it back and in in time and completely missed Nelly. Wow. I suppose I will have the memories in my mind. That night ended sadly at about 3:30am as we realized that in the am we would all be headed home. *sigh*

We had a blast. I have never been disappointed on a trip up for Caribana. And there is only one question remaining to be asked...Where is the next fete??

Until next time y'all know what to do!

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03 August 2006

It's time to JUMP UP JUMP UP!

So my good people the countdown clock is winding to a close! In 14 hours and 31 minutes, I will be boarding a plan to head to Toronto for CARBINA! I have checked the weather reports the forecast is shows sunny and clear for the weekend. I have packed my bags, I have printed my boarding passes, I have confirmed my hotel and I have paid for the tickets to get my groove on Sunday night at mellows party at The Docks. Nothing left to do now, but to get there! Yah heard?

We have our itinerary for the trip laid out. We know where we are headed when we land tomorrow, we know the plan for the parade Saturday, we know what clubs, restaurants and parties we are hitting when we get there. Can you tell I am ants as hell! Anyway, I will be back and hopefully with many tales and pica, but not too many, since you know *singing* WHAT HAPPENS IN DE PARTY STAYS IN PARTY! But the ones I can share I will.

Thanks for everyones kind words about my accident. I am ok with the exception of some soreness in my back at this point. My car got dropped off at the shop this morning. Hopefully she will be back to her so fresh and so clean self in no time.

Until next time...Holly!

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01 August 2006

New Tailgate Assembly...

647.00 + labor!!!!

New tail lights...

...257.60 + labor!!!

Having the person that hit you be more concerned with their cat in the travel crate than the fact that they hit you.....PRICELESS!!!!

Thank goodness that girl had insurance, or I would be highly ticked!!

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