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19 October 2006

Which way did he go George, which way did he go?

So finally I get to update. So I disappeared for a minute off the face of the blog world for a minute, but I am back. I figured y'all might want an update on where the heck I have been. If you didn't want one, too bad you are getting one anyway.

40 yeeeeeeears of crap can be such a pain in the neck!
Seriously! I don't know if I have ever gone into this before, however the house that my husband and I own used to belong to my grandparents. We purchased it after they both passed to keep it in the family. I practically grew up in that house as did my mom, and her sibling and all of my cousins. So no one really wanted to just let the house go. Its a pretty nice house, but it definitely has its old house characteristics. You know stuff that falls apart when you look at it wrong, spiders that have lived there longer than any human being. Oh and don't forget the basement with 40 years of memories, literally! Now here's the thing, the basement is finished with a nice bar and everything, but damn it if we can use it for all of the stuff down there. So the husband and I finally got fed up. We have a great house that we can't use for all the stuff in it. Everyone says, "Oh you should have a rummage sale!" Who the heck is going to organize that it won't be me, I don't have time to eat half the time and you think I have time to organize a rummage sale. Plus, half of the stuff we found down there was broken. 2 broken dressers, a broken headboard, a broken desk, a broken steam iron, a broken table, 4 broken lamps. Can someone please tell me why old people like to keep every daggone thing that ever entered the house? Its not like anyone in my family was a handy man where they might have thought this stuff would one day get fixed. So instead of taking that ish out the house when it broke somehow they convinced themselves that it was easier to drag that mess down stairs into the basement never to be dug up again! Needless to say there was a lot of profanity from the husband and I on our days of cleaning. Just imagine this was only the beginning.
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Overworked and underpaid...
...and I ain't talking about at the office. My family has run me ragged! So now my oldest is back in school. 1st grade as a matter of fact so that means homework and spelling tests and all the fun stuff! On top of that the dance season has started up again which means not only am I broke because of my 6 year old being in dance, but my 2 year old has now started as well. Because apparently I have extra money just falling from the sky so I can afford this...NOT! The little one is cute in class though. She listens better there then she does at home. She has thought she has been in dance for forever, now her dream has truly come true. Everyweek she tells daddy that she is going to school for dance class and that she looks like a princess. Its cute. All this means for me is 2 hours every Saturday sitting in the dance studio. And since I have to be there, because the kids classes overlap and the little one can't be in the studio by herself. I decided to sign up for a class of my own. Smack dab in the middle of when the girls classes are, there is a salsa class that is being offered. So, I signed up! There are 3 young girls that are about 13 or 14 and myself. Then one of the grandma's who is usually waiting for her grandkids when I am there decided to join too. So I am not officially the old lady in the room. Its cool, I figure I have to be there anyway, so why not. Plus its a good workout, so if I don't make it to the gym on Saturdays I already have an hour workout in so no worries! Its fun though and I will have you know a sister was getting her groove on aiight! And for those of you that are thinking it....HELL NO I WILL NOT BE IN NO DAMNED RECITAL! lol
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Trick or Treat!
So I am a slacker mom and I have yet to get my kids costumes, but hey I's po'! Ya heard! We will have to go on payday next week to get costumes. I did however, take the kids to the pumpkin farm. There is a little town called Mukwonago and my friend and I took the kids last week after dance class to a place there called the Elegant Farmer. Needless to say they had a ball. We did the hay ride picked pumpkins and then went and made caramel apples. I was too pooped when it was all over with, but the kids had a ball. Now if I could just get a move on those costumes.

What else?
Other than that not much has been up. Working like a hebrew slave. The husband and I went with my friend and her fiance to the Bucks first pre-season home game against the Mavs. That was cool, I had gotten tix from work. They won the game, but I am not going to get my hopes up on the season yet. I will say I am not a fan of the new colors. I liked the purple. I will have to get used to the red, looks like Christmas if you ask me, which would make then the Reindeers and not the Bucks!

I also went to karaoke with some friends to a local tavern where the drinks are cheap and the karaoke is great! If I must say so myself! If nothing else you will always get a great view of someone with a great mullet or someone that should really be at home, but felt the need to step out in their pajamas for a drink! WTF??? Don't ask, I go there because my friend's husband hosts the karaoke and he lets me pick my own songs! Its great!

Time to hit the gym. I have gotten back into a normal groove with that now. I have been using the gym at my job now. I figure I can lessen the chance of my car getting broken into or the poopy bandit striking if I just work out here.

Until next time, holla at ya girl!
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17 October 2006

Random bowl of 'ish!

So I haven't really blogged as much as I wanted to, since as soon as I decided to make a valiant effort at making my return, I got tossed into yet another project! Go figure right? Anywho, a lot of things have popped up recently that I wanted to blog about, so today's post is a random hodge-podge of my thoughts, beware I did not take my medication for ADHD before writing this.

Never knew you could get elected for THAT!
So I was getting my daily SI fix when I came across this article. A few things popped into my head. First, did this woman think that this would help or hurt her campaign? Second, did she not think this would become a hot topic? Actually maybe she is smarter than all of us, because by writing such a book 2 or 3 years ago, now she has hit computers everywhere including mine. I would have never known who the heck this woman was nor would I have cared that she was a free spirit back in the 60s screwing anything that had on tight green and gold pants. Sandy might be smarter than we give her credit for on second thought. You think good old Lombardi would have looked a little nicer and smiled more had he gotten in on the action? Just a thought.

SHUT UP and stop whining!
Ok, so I don't listen to talk radio a lot anymore, however occasionally I listen to 620WTMJ since I used to work there. They are a pretty conservative radio station, but its nice to not always hear views that are the same as your own. So I am driving the other day and listening to Charlie Sykes and he is talking about this issue in Minnesota with the cabbies. Now I tend to be a bit sensitive when people say things like "they" should go back to where "they" came from or really snotty-ish Americanized comments. However, in this case I have to agree! To the cabbies in this story I say a hearty American, "YOU'VE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!" You come to America, try to push your values on someone else and then get ticked that you make no money? You are kidding right? This was your freaking choice. I don't see the guy at the local corner store getting his panties all in a bunch when he is selling Ray Ray that 40 oz. with a Swisher Sweets. Get off your high horse or get a new freaking job if you don't like what you are supposed to do! In the words of Forrest Gump, "And that's all I have to say about that!"

SHUT UP and stop whining, part deux!
So the cabbies were pitiful and they get no sympathy from me, but the inmates in this story are kidding right? Did they really think that they were going to win a lawsuit complaining about the prison food? And I about died laughing when the sheriff is sitting there talking about how they consulted dieticians on this horrible concoction of a meal. To the inmates I say, "GET A FREAKING GRIP!" You are in jail, not the freaking Four Seasons, you get shit, literally shit, to eat and you are supposed to suck it up and deal with it or here's a bright idea stay out of trouble and don't go to prison. If you don't like the food then maybe you shouldn't have shanked Dee-Bo in Cell Block A and you wouldn't have ended up in the Seg unit in the first place! Boo-freaking-hoo! NEXT!

Open mouth insert foot here!
So I really have no comment on either of these quotes that I found here when I was reading Entertainment News on MSNBC one day. While you read the quotes I will be laughing my ass off...

Wynonna Judd is considering having another child with hubby Roach, or perhaps
adopting one. [My daughter] Grace says, I'd like a black sister or brother she's
around my singers, and most of them are black and I say, Be quiet and do your
homework. But I do think I may adopt, the 42-year-old told Ladies Home

Director Daniel Waters explained why he cast Winona Ryder in
his forthcoming flick Sex and Death 101. I needed a psychopath who was
sweet, warm, and funny and that's basically Winona, Waters told the new issue of
Elle. She's like an Audrey Hepburn that's been dropped off the table and has a
crack in it.
Thank goodness I am not a celebrity, when you have a brain fart and say something stupid there's the media to put it in black and white for you!

In other random celebrity news, why is this considered breaking news? I'm just saying!

Ok I think I am done griping for the moment. I will try to do another update on things with me personally in the next day or so. I just really needed to get some of this off of my chest.

Until next time, holla at ya girl!
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04 October 2006

So a sign that said $5.00 dresses wasn't a hint?

So a local bridal shop closed its doors recently and the brides have started freaking. Take a look at this story from a local news station.

Now when I got married, I went to this place to look at a dress and I was not impressed. It is in an actual house, so when I first went to find it, well I couldn't! Needless to say they didn't see a lick of my money. But apparently they saw money from every single one of these boo hoo-ing broads and now we have bridezillas on the lose in the city. Oh lord!
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03 October 2006

Birthday Breakdown

So the husband and I went to a friend's birthday party this weekend. It was cool, it was for our friend that was turning 30, her mom who was turning 50 and her dad who was turning 60. The usual uninvited cousin's boyfriend made an appearance and this is what we were blessed with...

Carrying your own alcohol in a cooler wherever you go...$11.45
3 long island ice teas to cap off the night...$18.00
Making a fool out of your self in front of your girlfriend's friends, family and strangers...PRICELESS!

If you couldn't see the video, I loaded it onto so click here.
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02 October 2006

Funny how time flies...

...when they work you like a slave! Man y'all, has it really been a month since I hit up this spot? Seriously, things have been busy as hell and I am hoping the quiet that I am just getting a taste of will continue at least until I can find my head again.

I am trying to get back into this blogging thing and I decided to start fresh again. You will notice the new outfit we are trying on. I like it, let me know your thoughts. I was getting a little bored with my old template. When I was a kid my mama said I just don't know how to leave well enough alone. I guess not much has changed. Because there was really nothing wrong with the other template, but I was bored. So hey, its my blog and I'll do what I want to.

Where have I been...
Well just like everyone else's house, September means back to school, end of summer, back to all kinds of ish! My oldest started 1st grade. My youngest is still being her little terrorizing self. The husband has finished football season, but now has started playing softball. Extended family drama always keeps me on my toes. Needless to say there is no rest for the weery at my house.

On top of all of that, I have been trying to get my groove back with all the exercise and everything. I did Weight Watchers for 6-weeks, but then I realized I did just as well with it as I had without it. So now I am back on my own, working with a trainer and using SparkPeople to keep track of my food and stay motivated. I have found more and more things about the SparkPeople site that I like. Other than just the fact that it is free and offers a diet and fitness plan. The people I have come in touch with off of that site are pretty cool. You can join different groups of people with similar interests and you get the chance to talk to people who are coming up against similar obstacles as you. I like that site more and more everyday.

Anywho, on top of trying to redirect my need to get back in the game, its fall season premiere time. Y'all know I am a tv-aholic, Desperate Housewives is back, Gilmore Girls, Dancing with the Stars, ER, and Football (Did anyone else see the final score for the Cowboys vs. Tennessee game? Ouch!!) Plus, I have come to find that I really like ABC's new show with Sally Fields, Brothers and Sisters on Sundays after DH and since for forever now everyone has asked me if I watch Grey's Anatomy, apparently my attitude was used as a case study to create the character of Dr. Bailey, well I have been sucked in and just started watching. I am no where close to caught up, but that's what I have my mom and other friends for. The other show I have found I like is Ugly Betty, with America Ferrera. I liked her in the movie, Real Women Have Curves, back in 2002 and I also thought she was really good in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is I really wasn't surprised that I liked this new show.

Ok, folks, so I promise I will try to get back to regular posting on here, even if it is something short. I will definitely be making my rounds trying to catch up on everyone else's blogs this week, so you can expect to see my 2 cents in your comments. I did an update last week on the Shake Dat Ass Folk! and added a new stupid entry to the I See Stupid People Blog!

Until next time, holla at ya girl!
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