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29 June 2006

Is the suspense killing you?

I didn't mean to leave y'all hanging on my tale of drama from CA. But typing out that last ordeal was so draining that I had to take a breather! :)

The Saga continues...
So Monday morning we get up, my dad goes to trade in the dealer car for an actual rental. He wants everyone ready when he gets back so we can get on the road and head to take my brothers girls friend home, pick up my other brother who had to work on father's day and head to the boat. When my dad finally returns its like 11am and pretty much everyone is ready to hit the road. It didn't take me much time at all seeing as how I had our bags packed the day before. He comes in and is like lets hit it. We say cool, but we need to stop for food. Now we have had at least 8 people in this house since we had arrived on Wednesday it is now Monday and this man wants to act surprised that there is no milk or cereal left in the house. Ugh, cheap skate you only bought two boxes of cereal what did you expect. This fool says y'all better eat when we get out to the boat. Oh hell to the naw, you are not about to have me not eating for a whole damn day again. No sireeee buddy! He chuckles, I give him and evil look and he proceeds to get the cooler ready for the boat, I had to double check behind him since he almost left the daggone E&J! We get packed up and roll out. He says what do y'all want to eat, everyone is pretty much in a consensus...Denny's. My stepmom then decides to say what if we get something fast and just eat in the car so we can get rolling. Everyone grumbled, but needless to say I was eating Wendy's sooner than I could blink. Whatever I was not going to sweat it.

So we go to LA drop off my one brother's girlfriend, pick up my other brother, and head to Oxnard to hit the boat. So we get there, its like 3 or 4pm. My dad doesn't want to unload the truck, because he wants to see if there is any straightening up to be done on the boat? errr? Its your boat, how do you not know if you cleaned it the last time you were on it? And how are you going to bring us down and think you are going to get free labor to clean YOUR boat? So we get ready to head down the dock toward the boat and I ask my dad how many people this boat sleeps, he says 6. Ummmm, excuse me did you notice there were 8 or us? My brother just looks at me and shakes his head. My brother says, "You see that really big nice boat on the end?" I say, "Yes." He says "Count 5 boats up on the left of the dock you see that little one with the green top? That's dad's." WTF!!!! Oh hells no! We get on the boat and they have no sheets or anything on the two beds and he begins to give us the warnings on how you can't do number 2 on the boat you have to go up on the dock to the building. He says they have showers up there too. That's nice...L don't do public showers. So he and his wife move some stuff around for a bit, I think they called that cleaning, and then he says lets go hit the boating store and get some food. We go get Thing 2 a life jacket, since they didn't have any on the boat small enough for her, and then we roll to go get some food. Once we are done there we roll to the grocery store and then go back to the docks to unload the boat. Since we wanted to get that done before it gets dark.

We get the boat unloaded and I ask my stepmom if she has any sheets and blankets for the beds, she says oh no we need to go get some. WTF!!!! So here we go everyone mounts up again and we roll down the street the runs up to the docks to see what store we can find to buy bedding. My step mom tells my dad to stop at the damn 99cents store! Are you freaking kidding? You don't really think they will have blankets and sheets and stuff do you? This is why I often think that the peroxide that is used to dye all her wigs blonde must be seeping through and effecting her brain! Anywho...she comes back out with an almost surprised look on her face that the dollar store didn't have bedding and we trek on, and find a KMart just up the road. I do despise KMart more than Walmart if that is even possible. We pull up to KMart and she begins to hop out and my dad says, "L its your turn to go in with her." WTF? My turn? I didn't see your ass take a turn? And since when did I offer to take turns with anyone? WTF!!! I said whatever and hopped out the car and follow her in. Now I walk directly to the bedding and find where they have the blankets and plane sheets. She starts talking about wanting matching sheets and comforters. This shit is going on a boat, who fucking cares??? So now she in the bed in a bag area, trying to find twin sets, so I am like just grab 3...oh but no, she wants 3 that match. And then she's doing the do you like this color thing, WTF! So after about 30 minutes of that with me texting my husband in the car cussing like how the hell did I get on this assignment? She finally finds 3 sets that she likes and that match and I am like what about the boys? So she buys 2 $3.99 blankets and oh what about pillows. And I ask do you have towels? The little things you should think about before you invite people out to your boat. So we finally walk out of the store an hour and $203.11 later and head back to the boat. You know the first thing I did when I hopped aboard right. Poured me a nice stiff E&J and coke! Ugh Family!

We capped off the night with a family game of spades, me and my youngest brother against my dad and my other brother. That was one of the most laid back moments of the whole trip! The next morning we get up deal with the boat some more and go out on the water for.....wait for it...a whole womping 45 minutes! All that bs for 45 mins! Whatever the kids enjoyed themselves so that's all that matters right. The rest of our stay was filled with more family drama and more wig changes by the stepmom, but soon just as swift as we arrived we were on our way back home. What would I do without this quality time every year? And my husband wants to move out there? Hmph....we'll see about that!

It's been a minute...
So in the midst of my madness I decided to share some other writing I did a while back on my MySpace Blog (which I don't use much, I have decided to only use it for poetry and other writing like that). If you want to check it out and give me an honest opinion, click here.

Sandeep is officially stalking me...
So the husband and I went to the Ladybug Club last Friday for a friend's birthday. Friday night is salsa night and my husband doesn't dance, but it was his friend's birthday so he went. All excited because he finally fit into a pair of 36" waist pants! So we are there I look up and who do I see but my laptop stalker! How do these people find me, what is an Indian dude doing in a salsa club anyways? I tried to avoid eye contact and I think I was successful!

Milwaukee Venom IFL Game of the Week!
So the husband had his first football game on Sunday, and the Milwaukee Venom took the Muskego Hitmen in a 13-6 win! The IFL has named their game, "The Game of the Week!" Read more here. This coming Sunday the Venom takes on the West Allis Predators at 7pm at the Milwaukee Sports Complex.
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I wanna drive like that!
The husband and I made it out to see Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift this weekend. While the story line wasn't all that different from previous F&F plots the driving in this movie was completely ridiculous! The driving had you on the edge of your seat. Although I did wonder after seeing the movie, how long it was going to take before you read of some idiot's car flying out of the side of the parking garage because they called them selves trying to race like in the movie and couldn't quite make the turn! The added bonus of this movie is that at the very end we get a cameo from none other than 'Dom' himself, Vin Diesel! Whoooo lord! If you are like me and like import cars, this movie is sick and its a must see. I have pics of the chick's RX-8 from Universal Studios and of the main Han's Evo. When I get those downloaded I will post them.

Who that is? That's just my baby daddy!
As of just about 40 minutes ago the Milwaukee Festival season has started. Today is the opening day of Summerfest. I will be heading down tonight with a whole slew of folks. We are going to take in the sounds of Milwaukee's own Rusty Ps (if you haven't checked them out yet, you should), Black Elephant and "My Baby Daddy" Common at the Harley Davidson Stage. Damn I live for this time of year in Milwaukee!

Common Rusty Ps
Alright that's it for today, I got lots of stuff to do so I can get out of here today! Until next time y'all know what to do...holla at ya girl!

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23 June 2006

Up to speed!

So I am really not sure how I missed posting this. But congrats to my boys down in MIA on winning this years playoffs. It was great to see fellow Marquette Alumni Dwayne Wade take home that MVP honor. *Reminiscing* I think I recall me and my girl Kye whooping him in some spades once or twice back in the day as we liked to make it a habit of disgracing basketball players with their lack of skills as the card table often! Oh the good old days!

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Cali update...
So I figured I would update y'all on some of my fun while I was in Cali. Somehow we have one celeb encounter each year when we go to California. Last time we saw 'Uncle Phil' from the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire driving down the 405 next to us. This time when we were waiting to board our plane on the way home one of the airport security people, randomly walks up to my husband to tell him, "Man, Kobe down there in the elevator, I'm trying to get him to come off." Now why this man chose my husband out of all the people he walked past to approach him I am not sure. In all honesty, neither my husband nor myself are big Kobe fans. Don't get me started on my true disgust for him. But I digress, so we are standing there and then all of a sudden he and his wife come walking out of the elevator and head to board a Virgin Atlantic flight to somewhere. He looked like, well, Kobe. She looked pretty and she is still post-baby thick, if you can really say that since she was 2 lbs. to begin with, but she definitely did not shed her pounds by breathing like Mrs. Shaq aka Shaunie did. Considering I wasn't that ecstatic to see Kobe we didn't do the stalker paparazzi thing and try to run up and snap his pic. I will say he had on some horrible white frame sunglasses. Boo to that look.

Moving on, I told y'all I had some family drama for you. So I haven't really shared much about my relationship with my dad in the past. But just for a little background. My parents divorced when I was 3 years old. If it weren't for my grandmother I would have probably had no communication with my father at all when I was younger, oh how I miss her. My dad was a slacker, didn't really pay much in child support, still owes to this day, but I don't bother to try to collect. Instead, since my dad feels the need to play baller, I just take him up on whatever offers he throws out there, such as my free family trip to California every year. My relationship with my father over the years has been strained to say the least. I grew up figuring if I didn't count on him for anything I would be pleasantly surprised if he ever held true on any of his promises. That tended to work out best. I was fortunate to have a mother who never bad talked my dad in front of me. She let me make my own opinions of him based solely on his actions towards me. Therefore, I affectionately deemed him the sperm donor when I was about 13 years old. When my husband and I got married my mom had seen on some show where the bride's dad walked her partly down the aisle and her stepdad walked her the rest of the way down, to symbolize the the role that each man had in her life. I played along and we did that at my wedding, however I kindly told my mother that if this were to realistically portray my dad's role in my life, he wouldn't have made it past the back two pews of the church. Anyway, things are a little bit better, although I can usually only take him in small doses. He talks about me to his friends like I am his golden child and like we have this great relationship and most of the time all it does is anger me, because I feel like he has no clue about the real me. Ok, this is not what this post was supposed to be about, but I just wanted to give you some background. Needless to say, this trip is both good and bad each year. Good, because I can get away from work and everything else. Bad, because there is no telling what a week with my father can bring.

We got to California on Wednesday and had previously been warned by my dad and his wife, that they both were off that day but they had to work the rest of the week through Saturday so we would pretty much be on our own the first few days. A relief to me personally. So Thursday morning I am like the first person up in the house, since my body is still on MKE time and I still have to do a little work. My dad comes out ready to head to work and hands me the key to his little ass beater 1989 BMW and says in case we need to use the car. Now let me just tell you this, last summer my dad wanted to pretend to be a baller (what's new?) and buy a Armada, so that when we come out we don't always have to take two cars everywhere. Now he also has a '04 Mercedes Benz 745, he was driving the Benz to work since he works about 45 miles from his house and he says my stepmom is driving the Armada. Leaving my husband, the girls, my two brothers and myself the BMW. Which then would mean we are stuck in the house since there was no way in hell 6 people are fitting in that little ass BMW!!! I looked at him and said well wouldn't it make more since for me to take my step mom to work since she works just up the street or she could drive the BMW to work so that we can actually leave the house at some point. His response, "Well yeah you would need to take her to work, because I don't want her to drive the BMW because the tire is low." WTF???? So you will let your daughter and your two grandkids, drive the death trap, but not your wife? Ummm yeah thanks, idiot! I tried to restrain myself, instead I walked downstairs, at 8am mind you and poured myself a OJ and rum! And, what? I was on vacation! At that moment I knew there was lot of drinking to be done on this trip. Through Saturday was for the most part uneventful since I didn't have to deal with dad or stepmom (who, did I mention switches her wigs multiple times a day...don't ask). Saturday the husband, one of my brothers, his girlfriend, the kids and I met my cousin and her boyfriend for a trip to Universal Studios. That was fun, the kids enjoyed themselves and were pooped out by the time we left the park. Just the way I like it!

So Sunday morning we get up its father's day. My stepmom told me the night before we were trying to be at the mall by 11am (why she wouldn't tell me what for, I am not sure) then we were going to go to brunch and then out to my dad's boat (I told y'all he pretends to be a baller). So I get up, get the fam ready, pack up bags to get to the boat. My stepmom in the midst of rushing says oh yeah we are going to take a family pic since we can never get everyone together. OK, family pic? There is no color scheme to anyone's clothes, I am a coordinated family pic type of person myself. Can't we all get some R.I.P. Pookie t-shirts or something? The same colors something. Oh well, also, one of my brothers had to work on Sunday so he isn't there. My stepmom says oh we might try to add him to the pic later! WTF???? Anyway, by the time my dad, his wife, my brother, his girlfriend and my whole family were all ready to roll out of the house it was 11:15am, pic appt was at 11! We can't do shit on time! We get in the car, I ask my dad if anyone called to let them know we were running late, his response..."They know now." No shit Sherlock! Damn I am going to need a mimosa or two or ten at brunch! We get to the place take pics, they review and select and we are ready to head out the door and to brunch in perfect time at 12:30pm. They wanted to be at brunch at about 1pm. This is the first thing we are going to do on time the whole trip! We get in the car hop on the freeway to head to brunch. We are rolling on the freeway and all of a sudden my dad's new Armada just shuts off! WTF! Are you fucking kidding me? Mind you we are going 80 in the carpool lane. We finally get over to the side of the freeway, he tries to restart it nothing, tries again, nothing! Ummmm, did anyone else notice we are in the middle of the fucking desert and its 90 degrees outside and I was looking too cute to get eaten up by any random desert creatures! So this is the point at which my dad tells my stepmom, more like orders her to call Nissan. What does she do, she calls the dealership. Umm yeah how about roadside assistance. She says she was trying to see if they knew why it stalled. He fusses at her, she takes the shit (that annoys the hell out of me), she calls the roadside assistance people and is trying to explain to them what happened and where we are. All the while my dad is barking that what she is saying is incorrect or whatever...umm here's an idea, if she is not telling them right how about you take the fucking phone and tell them yourself. Like my mama says that would have been too much like doing right! So after an hour of this malarchy, they finally get someone who says that they will get them a tow but that the truck can only take 2 people back with it. Well that's great but we have 8 people in the car, including the 2 year old and 6 year old and L ain't about to be standing on the side of anybodies freeway in her 3-inch snake skin pumps! So my dad calls all his buddies and finally suckers one of them to come out and get everyone else. the tow truck and the friend get there at about the same time. I hop in the friends car thinking, hell I can go home and get me a sammich while they figure out the whole car situation, because a sistah is hongry! How about my dad tells his friend that everyone is going to the dealership. I ask my dad why he says well I don't want everyone on different sides of town. Ummmm, your town ain't that big buddy! Deep breath, hold it in, its father's day! So we go to the dealership, they turn the key, yep you guessed it the damn truck starts right up. Not once, but twice! So my dad and the man from the dealership go out for a ride, yep it dies on them while they are out. So not the issue is none of the car rental places that the dealership uses are open on Sunday. Just so you know by now it is 4pm no one has eaten and we have been through all the fruit snacks in Kennedy's back pack and raided the vending machine at the dealership. So the man at the dealership is trying to see what he can do to get the 8 angry, hungry black people out his dealership as quickly as possible. So he finally comes back and says they are going to give us a loaner truck from the dealership until we can get a rental in the morning. They give us an Excursion which was nice and roomy, but smelled like ASS! I suppose at this point beggers can't be choosers. So it is now 5pm, we have been out of the house since 11:15 and I have yet to eat. Hunger + Heat + L with melting makeup = PURE BITCH!

So we finally leave the dealership, and decide that we still need food, Dad says let's go to Famous Dave's, now I am dressed for brunch a little over made for Famous Dave's barbecue, but again its father's day if that's what you want fine. We go my stepmom runs in, ooh 2 to 3 hour wait. Yeah no that's not happening. My dad decides we are going to M&M's (if you don't know M&M's is a pretty famous Soul Food restaurant chain out in California). We get there, get a table and peruse the menus. Now I am weird, I know, I don't really do the soul food thing. I don't do greens, I don't do smother nothing, I don't do gravy, I don't do chitterlings, I don't do black eyed peas, I don't do dark meat chicken, I don't do much and on a hungry stomach I am not in the mood to experiment. So I look at the back and I see they have burgers. So the waitress comes warns everyone that friend chicken is going to be like a 20-30 minute wait. Good thing I decided on the burger since that was my other option. So she looks at me to order, I order a burger, she looks at me and says, "We don't have those on Sundays." I just looked at her in sheer disgust. What do you mean you don't have burgers on Sundays? What do you have against a burger? And now what am I going to eat since friend chicken is going to take so long. I order for the girls and tell her to come back to me, she could tell I was annoyed. She gets back to me, I had decided I would get the baked chicken, since I didn't want to have to wait for the friend chicken and this was probably better for me anyways, with mashed potatoes with no gravy (I don't do gravy) and mac'n'cheese (that I would probably not eat, but would most likely give to the hubby and kids). So she finishes up and my brother's girlfriend looks at me and says you know your dad and his wife ordered fried chicken right? WTF? If I had realized we were going to have to wait for their food, I may as well have ordered it too! By now its 6, I am annoyed that we are not back at the house to watch the game and have to watch it on this little ass tv in this restaurant. We get our cornbread and drinks and the waitress returns to tell me that they are out of mashed potatoes! OK, who is messing with me today! Are you kidding? So I ask if I can just get fries, she says she will check and never returns, I guess that is a yes? So now it is 6:45 food is coming out, I get the kids situated she brings my sides and I am still waiting on my chicken and she comes out, "Baked chicken white meat!" Yep that's me, she sits it in front of me and how about it is covered in gravy! A sistah was hot. Just take me to fucking McDonald's! I ate the fries, passed the mac'n'cheese to the husband and tried to scrape the gravy off to get a bit of chicken, I was so annoyed by the time this day was over it wasn't even funny. Needless to say me and E&J were best friends that evening.

Due to all of the activities of the day, my dad had decided we would go the boat the next morning. We did, that was an adventure in and of it self that I don't have the energy to share right now. I will try to post that extravaganza this weekend.

Let me get off of here. I haven't done a lot of work today, I have been reading up on Oprah's Debt Diet, because I am tired of being depressed about money and stuff. I will let you know if I follow the cult leader's advice and how that works out. Actually the plan looks pretty good, the question is can we stick to it? Hmmm, I guess only time will tell.

Busy weekend ahead, the husband has his first football game when the Milwaukee Venom head up against the Muskego Hitmen on Sunday at 5pm! Go #95!

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Alright people I am out. Have a great weekend, and you know what to do....holla at ya girl!

Today's pic: (I am so getting this shirt for Caribana!)

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22 June 2006

Back in the house.....literally!

So I am back in MKE, whether I want to be or not. While the weather of California was wonderful for the majority of the trip, I could deal without the family drama....MY DAD! I have a long story to share with you about that, but I don't have the energy to type it all tonight. Just wanted to let everyone know I am back and will try to post a few pics from our trip and a few interesting tales tomorrow.

One thing that is always hilarious is how every time we go to California, this is an annual trip, my husband comes home so in love with the west coast and ready to move. Now I should let it be known I love the east coast. If I had it my way I would be back out in the DC area, where I am originally from, in a heart beat. My husband on the other hand hates the crowded city life, he would prefer to be somewhere out away from people and civilization all together. I have been thinking I could do California, but with a few stipulations. First, I REFUSE to live in the same town as my father. I used to say that the entire state of California wasn't big enough for he and I. Let's just say I can only take he and my step mom, mainly him, in small doses. My husband and my father get along so well that my brothers and I refer to my dad and Chris' father, and we have started to refer to Chris as Junior! Now I am starting to bend a little and say ok we can move that out west if we come up with a solid plan and take care of business. You know I want to move out with no drama and make a fresh start if we are going to go anywhere, especially expensive ass Cali! Milwaukee has been becoming less and less a place I want to be. I am sure that we would have moved sooner if we could have agreed on where to move long ago I am sure we would have been gone. Since we can't agree, we have been stuck here. Second, aside from not wanting to live in the same town as my dad, I don't want to be as far out of the LA as my dad. My father lives about 45 to 50 miles North of LA. As much as my husband would like to pretend that the rest of civilization doesn't exist, he's married to a city slicker. I need to be close enough to the city so that every trip into the city isn't like a day long exercise in patience and restraint. As it stands, we can't even agree on these things, so as we have in the we sit.

No worries really we wouldn't be talking about any moves like this year or next, I have a few career moves I want to make before then. We also, have a lot of improvements we would want to do to our current house before we try to sell it. We would be looking more like 3 to 5 years out. Oh we shall see maybe I can convince him to move to Arizona instead?

Until next time peeps, holla at ya girl!

ps - THIS WAS THE 100th POST!
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16 June 2006

It's our anniversary!

So I just had to do a quick post to say somehow we survived 5 years and hopefully we will survive endless more! Today is my 5th wedding anniversary with my husband. We have been together 9 years, but were married 5 years ago today. Even though I may want to choke him sometimes or smack him, because of some of the stuff he does or the little things we fuss about. I love him and wouldn't want to have anyone else to want to smack! Not that he ever reads this, but if he did I would say, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY HONEY, I LOVE YOU!

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15 June 2006

I'm going back to Cali!

So I made it in to LAX yesterday and was promptly taken to the Serving Spoon restaurant in Inglewood, where I am pretty sure that I just gained back the 2 lbs. that I was so proud of losing the other day! The weather is great and I am almost not ready to kill my dad yet. I just wanted to roll through and say hello from the California sun. I will try to do a real post or two while I am gone.

Until next time, holla at ya girl!
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13 June 2006

Down 2 more pounds!

Just when I thought I was on an eternal plateau, I dropped two more pounds! The girl is back in the game y'all. Sorry I have been M.I.A. lately, I have been trying to get things tied up before we leave for California tomorrow morning.

Things have been crazy around here, we were running all weekend. Saturday Jordan had her last soccer game of the season, her coach was nice enough to do a little cookout for all of the kids, but we had to leave there early. I had to get her to a birthday party for a little kid from her school, after that we went home and I thought we would get a chance to rest and pack, but no that didn't happen since the husband forgot to tell me that we were supposed to be going to my cousin's house for his son's birthday. We ended up being there until, 9:30 that night, fortunately there was lots of rum to go around otherwise I don't know that I would have lasted that long. It was too many damned kids running around there for me. Y'all know I don't like other people's kids.

Sunday we got up we had a full day. Chris's football team had a scrimmage so I had to go be the supportive football wife. It was cool though the kids had fun. It was kind of long, but the weather was nice. As soon as that was over I had to snatch up my oldest we were heading to the Bradley Center for the John Hancock Champions on Ice. Stop making that face! Yes I like ice skating, what? We had 4th row seats from the ice, my parents got me 2 tickets for my birthday and I thought Jordan would like to go. She loved, the whole show she just kept saying, "Wow" and "Cool!" We had a good time! She got to see Michelle Kwan, Sasha Cohen, Surya Bonaly (the black girl is still flipping on the ice), Irina Slutskaya, Johnny Weir, Rudy Galindo, Viktor Petrenko and a bunch of other people who's names I can't spell or prong. It was a great show though, really...stop making that face!
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J and I get home from the ice show and the little one is running around while the husband is cooking. He asks me if I get her to sit down and put an ice pack on her eye, because she had been playing outside when he was out back putting food on the grill and fell and hurt her eye. So I take her in back do the mommy thing and sing with her to get her to sit still for me to put the ice pack on her eye. She hops up like she is good after sitting for a while, and goes off to play. She comes back 2 seconds later talking about "Mommy, Mommy, Owwwwieeee!" and she just keeps rubbing her eye. So I put the ice on it again and she once again hops up and goes off to play just to return complaining once again. At this point I know somethings wrong. I get her to sit still so I can look in her eye and I can see a line going all the way across her cornea. I call the pediatrician who says sounds like she has a corneal abrasion/scratched cornea, and to take her to Children's Hospital. Now I had just the other day, been bragging to a friend that in my 6 years of being a mommy I had never had to take either of my kids to the emergency room. Now look! Although I must say I always knew that out of the two daredevil Kennedy was always on the top of my list to be the first one to make it there. So while she isn't screaming we sit down quickly to try to get some dinner shoved in our faces before a night of how many long hours at the emergency room. So I tell the husband to stay home with J so she can get in the bath and get ready for bed and I will take the little one to the hospital. I call my mom to see if she will accompany me, and we head to the hospital. Kennedy was a trooper we were there for a while, and she managed to keep herself entertained the whole 3 or 4 hours. She had the nurses laughing at her little self. When we were in the room waiting to see the doctor the nurses would walk by and she would say, "Hello? Come iiiiiinnn!" It was hilarious! Fortunately the doctor said her eye should heal up just fine and the prescribed her antibiotic eye drops to keep it from getting infected. When we finally left the hospital with our prescription in hand she passed out before we even got out of the parking lot good. That poor baby was plum tuckered out!

Needless to say with my eventful weekend I didn't get much packing done. We leave tomorrow morning at 7:20am. I have a feeling I won't be sleeping too much tonight! I will try to do a couple of posts while I am out in Cali chillin! Until next time peeps, holla at ya girl!

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08 June 2006

My New Workout Plan...

I couldn't help it!

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05 June 2006

So I sit here with my mouth hanging open

I am watching the Alma awards right now, and while I am always excited to watch the show, I am tripping off of the stuff that I am witnessing right now. First off, it should be illegal for anyone to look as good as Jennifer Lopez does in this cream dress that she is rocking, I mean damn. I am tripping that Big and Rich, the country group were just on there singing a song about a jalepeno, I hate country music. I am tripping that Cowboy Troy was just on there rapping in Spanish like he thought he was doing the damn thing! I am tripping that the Ying Yang Twins were sitting there rocking out to that mess like he really was doing it. I am tripping that the girl that plays Kay on NBC's soap opera Passions was there with Mario Lopez aka Slater from Saved by the Bell. Lastly, I am tripping because apparently Brian McKnight is the house pianist for the show tonight. He is on his B selection right now. WTF! Ok, I am going to shut my mouth now and keep it from hanging open.

The Weekend
I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was busy to say the least. Friday I had to cut out of work early to get J to dress rehearsal for her big recital that was just this past Sunday. Somehow for the 3rd year in a row, I allowed myself to be suckered into being a backstage mom instead of sitting on my ass in the audience in being the gushing proud mama! Why do I subject myself to this, I consider it my annual dosage of birth control. Every year after doing this I am reminded how much I can't stand other people's kids. Between the show day and the rehearsal it was a test. All in all the girls were great and the show came off without a hitch!

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Saturday was busy, J had a soccer game, as usual her team won despite her skipping across the field. If she didn't look so much like me I would swear she couldn't possibly be my child. I did some running around with the family came in did some cleaning up around the house and planned an evening out. A friend from high school has a rap group called the Rusty Ps. You should check them out, they are true Milwaukee talent. I get the fam situated, get my girls and we hit the streets. We get to the spot with plans to hear their set and then dip out to shake that ass, you know. We get there the first group on the stage is a group out of the Chi, two white cats, they were so great I don't even remember their names. I am being facecious, I was not feeling them. Next group gets up this dude says, they used to be a cover band for the Neptunes, errrr? I didn't know the Neptunes had enough tracks of their own to have a cover band? Whodathunkit? This groups only saving grace was the beats, their producer was obviously on point. Next this big black cat gets on stage, he was flowing for a minute, he was aiight, but then he started to beat box, and this white chick hops on stage. Now I had seen her before, she had two buns in her hair and I wasn't sure I was feeling them, but she gets up there and she starts rhyming and this chick was sick! No tracks with the heavy bass line, just Carnage beat boxing. The chicks name was Desdamona she's out of Minneapolis and the way she rhymed I quickly forgave her for having those buns in her hair. Check her out by clicking on her name above, best track by far "Wanted 2 be an MC." Once she left the stage I got the mood going sipping on my Red Stripe, y'all don't know about that real Jamaican lager, and got to hear the Ps rocking the stage. They killed it, this was my first time making it to one of their shows, back in high school at Battle of the Bands doesn't count.

I really need to make it to their shows more often. If you are in Milwaukee and you want to check them out they will be at Summerfest at the Harley-Davidson Road House before the Common show with Devest8 and Black Elephant. Obviously, I will be down there all night on June 29th!

Countdown under 2 months
Caribana is less than 2 months away. How did that happen? Definitely need to get back to the gym tomorrow, Jordan's soccer season is done this weekend. Thank goodness! I can get back on schedule, plus school's almost out. I can get out of work and hit the gym without rushing to my daughter's school to get her in the evenings before coming home. I am so ready for a little break from the running everyday.

Aiight time to get off of here and get my ass in bed. Until next time...holla at ya girl!

Pic of the day

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01 June 2006

You know you're fat when...

...when once you were younger and you got a tatoo of the american flag on your arm, and now you are able to do the "special effects" of the flag flapping in air because of your arm flab.

...when you turn sideways to go through a door ... and it doesn't help!

...when you have to have someone sit on the opposite side of the picnic table...or flippage will occur.

...when you return to college, and you have a lecture class in one of those huge theater-type rooms, and you cant get the desk flap thingie attached to the seat to go down all the way, so you have to take notes and tests at an angle. I had to do this when I was pregnant...SERIOUSLY!

...when you become the adult that family members use for an example to warn their kids about eating too much. Ouch!

...when your 4 year old grandson asks if the fat fairy on the Zelda game is you.

...when your six year old asks you for the 3rd time today "Are you SURE you don't have a baby in your belly? It looks like you do!"

...when you jump up in the air and get stuck. I so hope this doesn't happen at Caribana!

...when you neice says, "Auntie, you know how sometimes you can see people's underwear through their pants?" (Panty lines). You respond, "Yes." She says,"Well, I can see your underwear AND your butt - and your butt is falling out!"

...when even your pants have stretch marks!

...when you can no longer 'suck it in'...does no help whatsoever...

...when you close your eyes in the shower and avoid all mirrors until you are fully dressed!

...when a friend asks you if you hurt your foot/leg, because you can't walk right since your jeans are too tight!

...when you feel something stuck to your inner thigh ... and it's your OTHER thigh!!!

...when your 6-year old very politely asks you if she will have two butts when she grows up too!

I got a kick out of these so I thought I would share them. These are from the SparkPeople Message board. I have now been on the site for 6 months and am a Community Team Member, which basically makes me a glorified cheerleader. So here I am doing my duty to spread the word.

The site has a free Calorie Counter which is very useful and comes in handy when you are looking to find out the amount of calories some erroneous thing you just shoved in your mouth has...

Want to know how many calories you ate today? Use this quick search!

Food Search:

You can also enroll on the site and they will, FOR FREE, outline for you a diet and exercise plan that is pretty realistic. If you are like me and you already have a plan, the site has some good ideas on things that you can do as an alternative when you just need to switch gears a bit. Get a Free Online Diet

Just thought I would share. I need to get these reports done...a peon's work is never done! *sigh* Holla at ya girl!

Pic of the day...
How to weigh yourself and get the most accurate result.
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And all these years I have been doing this wrong!
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